Founder’s Club

The Bay Lake Society Founder’s Club is made up of the first 71 members who answered the call & became Ambassadors and Envoys for the Bay Lake Society cause.

Pictured: Ernest Hemingway and other fellow Founder’s Club members on a typical Tuesday night.

Charter Members

The first four seats at the bar are reserved for our original founding members. If you enjoy the Bay Lake Society, be sure to give each of them a follow!

Daniel Hoyt

Dustin Verdin

How Bowers

Dani Dennison

Founder's Club Ambassadors & Envoys

What started as a hashtag has turned into a movement! Our Founder's Club Ambassadors and Envoys have helped to spread the religion of relaxation all across the Twitterverse and beyond. Because of their support and dedication to a life of leisure, we acknowledge them here. Raise a glass -- To The Bay!!!
Note to Ambassador and Envoy members: Sorry, we wrote down all of your titles on some napkins while dining at the BOATHOUSE, and we MAY have lost a few while on our Amphibicar ride. We'll be plugging in the ones we have, and reaching out to everyone else for that information soon.
  • Slade Bailey
  • Oliver Bishop
  • Paul Boudreau
  • Brian Bulva
  • Stephanie Chocko
  • Dave Cobb
  • Amy Combs
  • Thomas Cook
  • Bob Cummings
  • Kelly Delaney
  • Amber Eggers
  • C H Ellerman
  • Ryan Evans
  • Mike Forrester
  • Thomas Gooden
  • Christopher Grap
  • Kaitlin Hamilton
  • Benjamin Hendel
  • Sarah Holodick
  • Kendra Hunt
  • Louis Iovino
  • Adam Keller
  • Jayme Keller
  • Roger Kimball
  • Scott Ladewig
  • Chesley Lanford
  • Brian Larsen
  • Erin Leach
  • Jeffrey Lipack
  • Mike Lostraglio
  • Nikki Lostraglio
  • Leslie Martinez
  • Julia Mascardo
  • Edward McCann
  • Bryan Melzard
  • Erin Murphy
  • Brian Muse
  • Brian Noble
  • Donald Olson
  • Carolyn Pongracz
  • Paul Rankin
  • Kimberly Rochester
  • Rich Romero
  • Vicki Runnels
  • Christa Ryan
  • Gregory Ryan
  • Kalani Sanders
  • David Scherer
  • Jason Schuck
  • KJ Simpson
  • Scott Slater
  • Chris Smith
  • Gillian Smith
  • Justin Smith
  • Justin Stone
  • Marc Stumbo
  • Megan Stump
  • Andrea Updyke
  • Meghan Veglia
  • Derrick Weitlich
  • Todd West
  • Mike Westfall
  • Phillip Woodson
  • Joe Yost
  • Jon Yslas